Where Does Offense Go

Make no mistake about it,Chase Rettig probably played well enough to win. For the third time in the month of September, Rettig threw for over 290 yards. For the third time in the month of September, Rettig and his team also lost. Instead of focusing on another solid performance, Rettig wanted to focus on his team's record after one month of play.
"We are 1-3. Those are the numbers," said Rettig.
Rettig had very few blemishes on his record from Saturday. Sure he tossed two interceptions, but you can probably take him off the hook on the last one and chalk it up as a desperate quarterback trying to make a desperate play. When there are 7 minutes left in the game, and your defense has already allowed 45 points, can you blame him for feeling like he has to score on every single possession the rest of the way? Rettig took the high road after the game when asked if he felt like he was in a desperate situation in the 4th quarter
"I wouldn't say desperate. We were kind of in that situation in the Miami game. I thought they did a good job w their man coverage down the stretch. I could've stayed in the offense a little better maybe on one or two plays," said Rettig.
Rettig added, "Those are the situations we are going to be in a lot this year I feel like, so we need to go into that mindset in practice," said Rettig.
As strange as it sounds because of the results in the last three years, the BC passing attack is the strength of the team right now. Rettig and Alex Amidon are one of the best explosive play combinations in the entire country right now. On Saturday, the duo hooked up for 4 more explosive plays, two of which went for touchdowns. Johnathan Coleman is starting to become a better possession receiver, and the return of Bobby Swigert will only help both the short and long passing game as well.
Hell, the BC offensive line only allowed 2 sacks yesterday to a pretty talented Clemson defensive line. Just imagine how many points the Eagles would put up if they could get the running game going.
Sinkovec Key to Rushing?
Although the offense is putting up plenty of points, the BC rushing attack continues to struggle. Going into this game, the offensive line knew this was their chance to shine. Senior captain Emmett Cleary said so himself on Wednesday as he foreshadowed how the game might play out on Saturday.
"We have to run the ball. Clemson has some great pass rushers and good athletes up front. We need to run the ball in this game," said offensive tackle Emmett Cleary. "If we can hold onto the ball that's almost the best defense. We did a terrible job of that against Northwestern. We were very sporadic. We a couple of long drives and a couple of three and outs. Against Clemson we have to help our defense out a little bit."
The result wasn't much different than in the previous 3 games. Andre Williams finished with 61 yards on 22 carries and the BC rushing game was largely ineffective.
So what can Doug Martin do to jumpstart his rushing game? The key might be fullback Jake Sinkovec. When Sinkovec was in the game, BC averaged 3.9 yards per carry, which at this point most fans would probably take right now. When Sinkovec wasn't in the game, BC averaged a full yard less per carry. Until tight end Chris Pantale comes back, you might see more of Sinkovec and less of the tight ends.