Rettig Impressive Again

Chase Rettig continued his impressive summer by throwing for 231 yards and a touchdown in Wednesday's scrimmage. Rettig was dead on with his accuracy, finishing 18-for-25 overall. Rettig was particularly accurate early on going 14-for-16 to start the scrimmage.
On the first drive of the night, Rettig drove the offense from their own 25 into the red zone. The tight ends were big on that drive, particularly Chris Pantale who caught passes of 28 and 9 yards. Rettig also found Lars Anderson for a 10 yard pickup. It looked like the offense was going to go all the way in for a score, but on a key 3rd down play Max Holloway chased down Rettig and he was forced to throw the ball away. This seemed to be the story of the scrimmage as the offense really had no problem moving the ball around all night, but ultimately they were stood up in the red zone almost every time.
Later in the scrimmage, Rettig put together another long drive that stalled out in the red zone. It started off with a 14 yard completion to Alex Amidon, followed by an 11 yard swing pass to Bobby Swigert. Donnie Fletcher was shaken up trying to tackle Swigert on that play after the receiver put a vicious blow on him. After those two passes came the big play of the drive. Rettig connected with Ifeanyi Momah on a 44 yard pass play on a ball that traveled 40 yards through the air. Momah was able to get behind cornerback C.J. Jones and the safety did not come over to help in time. Jones was able to tackle Momah before he got into the end zone and ultimately Nate Freese put another field goal on the board.

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After two drives that fell short, Rettig was able to get his team in the end zone late in the scrimmage. It looked like Rettig had a clear touchdown pass when Amidon got past Jim Noel on a deep post and Rettig led the receiver perfectly. Noel wisely reached out his arm to knock Amidon off track, which resulted in a pass interference call. Without the penalty, Amidon would've surely had a 33 yard touchdown reception. It didn't end up mattering though, because on the next play Chris Pantale caught an 18 yard touchdown pass over the middle between the two safeties.
Overall, Rettig continued to look excellent. He had no problem moving the offense up and down the field throughout the entire scrimmage. 4-of-5 drives ended with points going up on the board.
Mike Marscovetra had a nice day statistically finishing 11-for-15 with 155 yards passing. Most of Marscovetra's passing yards were accumulated on long passing plays to Donte Elliot, both over 50 yards. Both passes went 35+ yards in the air and with a little wind behind them would've been touchdown passes.
Dave Shinskie got to take reps with the starters late in the scrimmage. You'd have to think that is a sign that he's got a leg up on Marscovetra in the backup quarterback battle. Shinskie didn't connect on any big plays like Marscovetra, but he had a decent day. The one mistake he made came in the 2 minutes offense late in the scrimmage when he got a pass picked off by Steele Divitto
Josh Bordner is still injured and did not participate. Christian Suntrup did not get any reps in this scrimmage.