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Post-grad WR gaining interest

Wide receiver Tevaun Smith went through his recruiting process a year ago while playing his high school football in Canada, but realized that he had the potential for bigger things. Deciding to play a post-graduate season at Kent (Conn.) Kent School, Smith has had a chance to visit Boston College and is eager to prove to everyone that he has improved his game and is worthy of more attention.
Smith has been receiving steady interest from Boston College, Connecticut and Syracuse, and recently began to receive interest from N.C. State and Fordham. He discussed why he decided to make his move to the United States.
"I was getting recruited last year from Syracuse and some MAC schools," said Smith. "Syracuse had an offer waiting until I got my SAT's, but by the time I did, they offered another player, so they suggested prep school. This also opened a lot of doors for me so other schools can get interested, so I'm working hard to find a home."
With his move to Connecticut, Smith had a chance to take a couple of visits this summer.
"I went on unofficials to BC and UConn with my prep school coach," said Smith, who is 6-foot-2 and 186-pounds. "They liked my size and what not, so they're just waiting on film to evaluate."
Smith shared his thoughts about his visit to Boston College.
"I like the school, the coaching staff and the facilities are nice as well," said Smith, who is being recruited by Coach Siravo. "I have a friend that went there this year and another very close friend, almost like a brother, who committed this year for 2012. Eddie Meredith plays there now and Akeel Lynch is a running back from St. Francis in Buffalo. I also know a guy, Curt Evans from Florida that goes there."
With Smith and his teammates just opening their season last weekend, he may likely wait a few weeks before he is able to send out highlights to all of the schools.
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