Emerging 2013 ATH on the radar

Tene Samuto is a Class of 2013 prospect that hasn't generated a lot of buzz to date but that could change very shortly. Samuto played cornerback for the first time this season and had a breakout junior year. The Eagles have a jump start on the competition.
Boston College, Rutgers and Nebraska are the three schools that have shown interest in Samuto to date, and that's important.
Samuto wants to play for a coaching staff that's just as interested in him as he is in their school. While he doesn't have any favorites he was intrigued enough with the Eagles that he wanted to visit the school this year.
"I was at up at Boston College for an unofficial visit when they played North Carolina State," Samuto told "That was my first time up there.
"It was cold but I like their athletes. With me being at Georgetown Prep, another Jesuit school, our school is more of a lacrosse school. It was good to see a bunch of football players playing well at BC."
Samuto likes the idea of continuing his education in the Jesuit tradition but he admits that the cold weather is something working against BC.
"I really have wanted to play in warm weather but I've got to look at all my options first. I have to consider everything because BC is a great school," he explained.
"I don't really have any favorites because I haven't sent my highlight tape out. I'm doing that next week and I want to see which schools are most interested in me. That will be a big factor."
Samuto wants to play cornerback at the next level and schools that offer him that opportunity should have a leg up on schools that don't.
"That's important and I want to go to a school that plays good defense. Any school that plays good football and offers a good education is good. I don't want to go to a school where it's all about football. I want a good education, too."
Samuto, a 5-foot-10, 185-pound junior from North Bethesda (Md.) Georgetown Prep, was supposed to visit Rutgers this year but he had to study for his PSAT.
He played running back and corner this year, picking off five passes on defense. He was the backup running back but started on defense.
"I'm definitely more of a man coverage guy," he explained.
"This was really my first year playing corner so it was a learning experience. Next year I plan on dominating. This year was more just me being more athletic than everyone. Next year I'll know more about the technique and I'll be able to focus on my footwork. I'll know what I'm doing."
Georgetown Prep did not earn a spot in the playoffs this year.
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