Eagles in the NFL

EagleAction will monitor preseason games this summer to evaluate how some of the 1st and 2nd year former BC players are doing as they try to make NFL rosters and compete for playing time. Evaluations and recaps will be posted as the games become available and shown on NFL Network.
Philadelphia at Chicago
Wide receiver Ifeanyi Momah and cornerback Al Louis-Jean met in this matchup, although the two players didn't compete directly head-to-head at any time.
Momah started at the Z receiver spot for the Eagles and had 2 receptions for 15 yards. The wideout played most of the first quarter and departed the game when backup quarterback Mark Sanchez and the second string offense came in.
Momah caught a pass on the first play of the game when he ran a long crossing pattern over the shallow middle of the field. He settled into an open spot in the Bears zone and was hit by a pass from Nick Foles for a 12 yard gain. On the next drive, Momah made his second catch, this one for 3 yards. Even though it was a short gain, Momah made a great catch on the play. Momah ran a short curl on the left side and Foles fired the ball wide to the sideline. Momah extended his body and made a diving catch.
Louis-Jean appeared on the Bears 3nd defensive unit and turned in a strong performance which included an interception. ALJ played the entire 3rd and 4th quarter and covered Eagles rookie wide receiver Josh Huff from Oregon. Aside from the last two drives of the game ALJ covered Huff exclusively and shut him down completely. Eagles QB Matt Barkley actually looked for Huff a few times but only threw to him once because of ALJ's great coverage. On the one pass attempt to Huff, Barkely tried a back shoulder fade to his receiver` but ALJ made a great read on the play and jumped in front of the receiver to make the pick. ALJ had other three passes attempted at him and none went for completions. ALJ actually almost had an interception on one of the other attempts but dropped the ball when he hit the turf.
The only negative from ALJ was he missed a tackle at the three yard line which resulted in a touchdown. ALJ came up from his cornerback spot to meet running back David Fluellen and missed wrapping him up. The cornerback didn't get a clean shot on him but he should've made the tackle.
Green Bay at Tennessee
Chase Rettig had a tough debut for the Packers, going 1-for-3 for 10 yards, and was sacked twice.
Rettig's first series was a three and out. On 1st down, Rettig dropped back to pass and felt pressure. Instead of staying in the pocket, Rettig immediately bailed out and was met quickly by a defender for a loss of a yard. On 3rd down, Rettig dropped back to pass and was sacked immediately after his left guard was pushed aside like a balloon by the Tennessee defensive tackle.
Rettig missed a golden opportunity on his second series, as the Packers got the ball at Tennessee's 12-yard line. After two handoffs that went nowhere, Rettig threw a pass five feet over his receivers head in the end zone on 3rd down. It was a tough pass inbetween two defenders, but Rettig had his man open enough that if he made a perfect pass it would've been a touchdown.
Late in the 4th quarter Rettig did a little better, completing his first pass of the game. BC's former quarterback missed a golden opportunity though when off a play action pass his receiver Alex Gillette beat his defender by two steps on a fly route. Rettig severely under threw the pass, although it ultimately ended up being a defensive pass interference call because Gillette ran into the cornerback when he came back to try and catch the pass.
Rettig clearly had jitters in his debut which he hopefully won't have in the next game or it will be an uphill battle to remain on at least the practice squad.
Pittsburgh at New York Giants
Running back Andre Williams wasn't able to duplicate his performance from his debut against Buffalo, but he was still able to run for 35 yards on just 7 carries and had a handful of broken tackles.
Williams played with both the 1st team offense and the 2nd team offense. The highlight reel run for the running back came in the second quarter when he lined up in shotgun formation alongside Eli Manning and took a lateral shovel pass from his quarterback. Williams was immediately met by a defensive lineman in the backfield whom he shook off. Then, Williams took off down the right sideline and was met by safety Mike Mitchell. Williams lowered his shoulder and met violently with Mitchell, knocking the safety's helmet off in the process.
Williams had a bit of some tough luck when a 17 yard run was called back because of a holding call on his offensive line. Williams broke three tackles on the long run.
Williams did have a miscue in pass protection when a blitzing safety came from the quarterback's blindside and the side that Williams was standing on. Williams failed to see the blitzer though and he got a hand on his quarterback. Luckily for Williams he did a better job of pass blocking on another attempt later in the quarter.
Cleveland at Detroit
Nate Freese is working hard to become the kicker for the Lions and he didn't do anything to ruin that chance on Saturday night. Freese connected on a 38-yard field goal early in the first quarter and then connected on a short 32-yard field goal at the end of the first half. Both of Freese's kickoffs went into the end zone as well.
Denver at Seattle
Kevin Pierre-Louis had an oblique injury and did not suit up vs the Broncos. It's a tough break for KPL, as the Seahawks have quite a few injuries at linebacker right now.