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Eagles impress Lucas-Murphy

Nelson Lee Lucas-Murphy visited Boston College for the second time more than a week ago and his father recapped the trip when EagleAction.com caught up with him.
Lucas-Murphy is still waiting for his first offer to come in but he's hearing from a good number of schools.
He and his father have already visited Pitt twice and West Virginia once.
"Pitt was a really good experience except with the new coaching staff coming in we're not sure exactly where we're fitting into what they've set up," Nelson-Murphy's father, Lee, said.
The two are planning to visit Maryland this week, Virginia Tech next week and then Rutgers.
What did the Exton (Pa.) Downington East linebacker and his dad think about BC?
"My gosh, it was great," the prospect's father said. "We were invited up there back in the winter for the Boston College-North Carolina State (basketball) game and we had a great time. The coaches were great. Nelson got to meet with the coaches before that game.
"This past weekend at the spring game was like a junior day. We met with the coaches, including the new recruiting coach, and Coach Desai. He recruits our area and what a great guy.
"Not only were the coaches great but the tour and academic advisers were really nice. Nelson actually got to spend time with a couple of the linebackers and you would have thought they were my son's best friends. They gave him a lot of time and he really had a good experience up there. It was great to meet with Coach Spaz, also. What a great program."
Lucas-Murphy and his father will be returning to BC on June 24 and they should know more about where they stand with the Eagles after that.
Much depends on what offers come in but for now BC is in great shape.
"We've been to other schools and everybody has their own process but we really liked the way Boston College did everything for us," his father continued.
"They've got a coach coming to our school sometime in April or May in the next few weeks. Hopefully early summer or sometime we'll hear some good news from them," he concluded.
Lucas-Murphy does not have any favorites at this time. The 6-foot-2, 220-pound junior is waiting for his first offer before he starts to think about a list.
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