Butker could be tough

Harrison Butker has had an offer from Boston College for a few months and he's considering a trip to Chestnut Hill but even he admits it might be tough to pull him out of the Southeast.
Georgia Tech seems to be the main contender for the Atlanta (Ga.) Westminster kicker at this point but he's still open to Boston College and every other program recruiting him at this point.
Auburn has also offered but it's unclear where the Tigers stand after they picked up a kicker recently and haven't talked to Butker in a while.
By no means is Boston College out of contention but the 6-foot-3, 170-pound recruit said staying closer to home seems more appealing when he looks at things.
"I've gotten some Facebook messages from Boston College but I've definitely gotten the most from Georgia Tech just because they're the closest to me," Butker said. "I've gotten the most from them. I'm not sure if I'm going to make a visit up to Boston College right now.
"I'd like to stay somewhere in the Southeast. That would be my preference. It's close to home so it's not a big plane ride back to home."
Recently, the Atlanta Westminster kicker visited Georgia Tech for its junior day and things went well.
"I went there a couple weeks ago and they just hired a new special teams coach so I talked to him on the phone," Butker said. "Hopefully, I can get up to a spring practice in the next couple weeks and talk to them in person."
Staying in the Southeast is clearly preferred. Butker said probably the only exception at this point is if Stanford continues to recruit him.
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