Addazio Excels on TV

BC coach Steve Addazio took part in ESPN's "BCS Megacast" on Monday night, which featured several different coverage options to watch the National Championship Game across ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPN Goal Line, ESPN Classic and online via ESPN3. ESPN offered viewers options ranging from the regular game telecast with Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit, a game broadcast - minus Brent and Kirk - with mics picking up sideline and public-address sounds, "BCS Title Talk" broadcast with the game, analysts, guest hosts, coaches and celebrities, and also a film room with coaches breaking down each play of the game.
Addazio took part in the "film room" on ESPNNews, along with Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin, Pitt coach Paul Chryst and a couple of ESPN college football analysts. The film room feature drew rave reviews across social media from college football fans for its uniqueness and quality. The coaches were the focal point of the coverage as they watched the game on the "All-22" camera view---a view not typically offered to viewers--- and provided commentary on each play both before and after each play occurred.
Not surprisingly, Addazio carried himself very well on the telecast and came across well on TV to viewers not familiar with him.
As a BC fan it was a great opportunity to listen to Addazio's commentary because it provided a look inside his philosophies on different in-game situations. Below are some of the highlights.
-The 'Noles trailed 21-3 late in the 2nd quarter and were facing a 4th down in their own territory. Addazio correctly called FSU running a fake punt.
-FSU scored a touchdown to cut the score to 21-10, with just over a minute to go before halftime. Auburn received the ball back and after running a couple of plays faced a 3rd-and-3 from their own 36-yard line with 45 seconds remaining and the clock running. FSU still had all three of their timeouts and had a chance to stop the clock.
Kevin Sumlin suggested that FSU use a timeout and try to force a stop on defense and get the ball back before the end of the half. "What you (Auburn) don't want to do here is have to punt the ball back to them (FSU). You give them the chance to throw one up to Benjamin and really give you something before the half."
An ESPN analyst asked Addazio, "Would you use a timeout here?"
Addazio shook his head in disagreement about taking a timeout to try and get the ball back. "I just love the momentum Florida State was able to regain there. You'd love to roll in there with the momentum on your hip a little bit," said Addazio.
-With Jameis Winston struggling in the first half, Addazio predicted that the 'Noles would start having him run more to get some confidence going. Almost on cue, Winston ran on a couple plays on the next drive to get some positive momentum going. This is something we are sure to see at BC going forward with more mobile quarterbacks
-FSU was using quite a bit of tight bunch formations in the 2nd half. An analyst pointed out that a bunch formation can be hard for a defense to defend. Addazio jumped in and confidently took the other side and said that a tight bunch formation allows the defense to easily disguise where the pressure is coming from and makes it very hard for a quarterback to read coverage. The statement indicated that Addazio welcomes seeing formations like this on defense and doesn't like to use them much on offense.
-On an entertainment note, Addazio drew lots of positive laughs across the country after he literally jumped out of his seat in excitement over a pancake block by FSU right tackle Bobby Hart in the 4th quarter. "Give me the end zone shot here will you," said Addazio with excitement asking for the replay of the end zone camera shot.
Addazio also had a funny moment when discussing how much he hates TV timeouts when his team has taken hold of the momentum. Addazio joked that sometimes he stares at "the guy with the red vest" who is looking at his watch and waiting to give direction for play to continue. Addazio said that sometimes he yells "Cmonnnnnnnnn!" at the TV timeout official.
-The FSU defense picked off Auburn's Nick Marshall in the 4th quarter at the FSU 44-yard line. The 'Noles tailed by 8 with around 13:00 on the clock left. An analyst asked the coaches if they would take a shot down field right away to tie the game
Sumlin responded, "You leave the sidelines with momentum. Philosophically a lot of coaches come out and take a shot and try and take advantage of it. I'm back to playing what we are doing."
"What about you Daz, yes or no?" asked the analyst.
"Shot," said Addazio.
It was interesting to see Addazio and Sumlin disagree again on philosophy a little bit again.
-Late in the 4th quarter FSU kick returner Levonte Whitfield returned a kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown to give FSU a 27-24 lead. Auburn answered on the next drive to go up 31-27 with 1:19 left.
On the ensuing kickoff from Auburn, Addazio suggested that he would not kick it to Whitfield again, even though it would mean giving FSU decent field position with two timeouts. "I wouldn't be shocked to see a sky kick here right now. If you don't think he can kick it out right now (of the end zone) I don't know you might sky it or hard drive squib it," said Addazio.