Looking to the future

Justin Simmons has kept a close watch on Boston College's season and like many others the Stuart (Fla.) Martin County defensive back is happy with how the Eagles finished.
Simmons, who committed to Boston College in July, said he was especially happy to see the Eagles win at Miami last weekend and he sees things going in a positive direction heading into next season.
"That's big-time because they've been struggling knowing who they lost this year with (Ifeanyi) Momah at receiver and Montel (Harris) at running back," Simmons said.

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"Having young guys fill in spots and for them to get those last couple wins, especially that win at Miami, that's a big confidence builder even though they're young and still learning they can still compete so that's big."
The three-star prospect is also happy that coach Frank Spaziani will be back next season. Since the two hit it off at summer camp, Simmons said he's looking forward to playing for Spaziani as a freshman.
"I'm extremely happy," Simmons said. "I met coach Spaz when I went up for the camp over the summer and for the time that I was there he was a great coach and a great person when I talked to him.
"I feel like what he's doing is really good, watching over the kids, building the program and I'm excited to play for him."
Simmons said he's taking a few days off to recuperate from a long senior season but then he plans to get back in the weight room and get ready for college football. He's sore but Simmons said he'll be back soon.
At some point, Boston College will send a training manual and Simmons is excited for that and until then he'll be working out and hoping to add some muscle.
"I'm going to train, try to get bigger and stronger, and just finish my high school senior year and have some fun and also work hard in the weight room," Simmons said. "I'm going to participate in some all-star games and really enjoy the rest of my senior year.
"I think it's going to be just a little later. I might take the next couple days off because of my neck after the game and still being a little bit sore. I'm going to start working out with a couple other seniors who are trying to go off to college. We're going to start working hard in the weight room soon."
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