Offensive Grades

Boston College defeated Maine 34-3 in a game that turned into a route after a slow first quarter. Here are grades for the offensive performances
Spiffy Evans: A
He didn't have a perfect game by any means. He made a few questionable decisions in the return game and dropped a few catchable balls, but when you return a punt 82 yards for a touchdown and grab another score on a fade in the red zone, you can make up for mistakes like that. The speedy and flashy Evans finally had his coming out party for the Eagles, providing the first punt return for a touchdown that BC has had in three years.
"Last game, I had a bad game," Evans said. "I had a few drops. During the week I was just trying to keep myself going, and coming into the game coach Spaz and [his staff] were preaching confidence and that was the biggest thing. Once you're on the field it's all about confidence.
Alex Amidon and Johnathan Coleman: B+
Amidon continued his streak of reliability for Rettig, bringing in 6 receptions for 99 yards and a score late in the game. He didn't make too many mistakes, and almost had a second touchdown but barely grazed the out of bounds line with a toe that got it called off.
Like Evans, Coleman had the biggest day of his career as well. He totaled 51 yards on three receptions and the first touchdown catch of his career. After he grabbed the ball on a fade route to the right corner of the endzone, he handed it to the ref and sprinted straight to the other end of the field with his teammates chasing him.
"When a big play happens we have to be excited," Evans said. "[Coleman] getting his first touchdown was one of the greatest moments of the game for me, because I just got to celebrate with my teammate. But when he bolted away from me and I couldn't catch him, that was funny.
Doug Martin: B+
Martin continued his play calling success from the Miami game with another good game plan for Maine. The sluggish first quarter saw the Eagles continuing to the run the ball despite success through the air, but Martin knew what he was doing. The Eagles had a clear victory here, and Maine couldn't create much of a pass rush on Rettig early on. The Black Bears did give the Eagle offensive line fits in the ground game though. Rather than depart from the running game entirely, Martin kept going back to it, forcing the line to work on their run blocking. Eventually they figured it out and Deuce Finch recovered from his foot injury to put up 90 yards and Andre Williams totaled 61 of his own. Finch especially followed the lead of the line in the second half on his way to a 5.3 yards per carry average. Martin knows that Rettig won't always be able to air it out so easily, and this presented the perfect opportunity to essentially run a scrimmage for his offensive line.
Deuce Finch: B
Finch looked unaffected by the foot injury that sidelined him last week, using his patented patient running style to pick up first downs and solid gains whenever the Eagles needed him. He didn't wow, but he played well for his first game back. As long as he holds on to the ball, something all of the running backs are struggling with, Finch will be able to give Williams a run for the starting spot.
Chase Rettig: B-
Coach Spaziani wasn't blown away by Rettig's performance against Maine, and facing a relatively weak secondary Rettig really could have played better.
"Chase was fine. He had a winning effort. There is a lot of improvement he needs to make off of this one. He's a good player but he made a few mistakes that we need not to make. We need him to be almost perfect. That's what we're looking for."
Just like last week, Rettig made some very good plays and put together a few strong drives, but against Maine he also made some questionable reads that could've easily ended up as turnovers. He threw straight into triple coverage when Maine was still within reach of a potential comeback, and had trouble finding the open receiver more times that Spaziani would like. Rettig was pulled late in the fourth quarter to get an x-ray on his back, but he is feeling fine and should be ready to go for Northwestern next week.