BC Blog: Crane vs. Davis

I have supported Chris Crane even before spring practices began. I thought he was the veteran leader who could guide this team to another bowl appearance. Heck he has spent the last two seasons learning from one of the best QB's BC has seen in Matt Ryan. But Crane has played so poorly thus far I no longer feel he should be our guy.
When Coach Jags came out after the game Saturday and stated "Chris is still the starter," I was slightly shocked. I mean Davis has played pretty well in his appearances, meanwhile Crane has looked miserable. He also said he will continue to give Davis time during games. While I respect the staff's decision to stick with the senior captain, I'm not sure it's the right call considering his play.
I think now is the time for the coaching staff to bench Crane in favor of Dominique Davis. No more splitting snaps or alternating drives, just hike the ball to #15. I am not simply saying this to give up on the season and let the freshman get more experience. I firmly believe Davis gives this team the best chance to win. He has been far more effective at managing the team and putting together scoring drives.
Davis is more athletic and mobile at the position. The team runs the ball better because he adds the option threat to defenses. Naysayers believe Davis is a worse passer and has a weak arm, but honestly, how could he be any worse than Crane is right now? Crane struggles to hit open targets and never looks off his receivers. Crane has yet to show any arm strength or accuracy to prove that he can quarterback this team. Crane is 47-91 (51% completion) with 5 ints compared to 2 tds. The key stat is that Davis has 0 turnovers.
The offense runs more efficiently and effectively with Davis at the helm. Take for example the Rhode Island game, in the first two possessions Crane had quick drives that resulted in punts. Then Davis came in and after a three and out, he led the offense to four consecutive scores, highlighted by his 24-yard td run. In Crane's first play of the second half he lost a fumble on snap.
Many student fans have also turned on Crane. I think we are all growing a little impatient with his play. I hear the moans and boos whenever he takes the field, and I'll be honest I am among those students who rejoice when Davis is in the huddle. We Want Davis! is becoming a popular chant in the crowd. I think this is an important thing to factor since it could be affecting his confidence. I was very pleased the way he turned it around in the second half verses UCF, but I think he struggled again in the Rhode Island game.
The biggest difference between the two is that Davis had much room to grow and improve as he gets more comfortable in game situations. I don't think Crane has this same potential. As a 5th year senior you would expect him to be ready to play, at least 4 games into the year, but no.
Yes Davis is still unproven, but at this point in the season BC needs to take a chance on him. This team needs him to win, because I don't think we can win the big games with Chris Crane.