2012 Prospect Breakdown: Win Homer

OT Win Homer
6-5/245, Christchurch, Va.
What stands out: There is no question Homer is a force on Christchurch's offensive line and evidenced by his junior and sophomore highlight tapes his team definitely runs behind him any chance they get. There is good reason for that and it's because he uses his physical skills really well - especially his upper body - to literally push people out of the way and open up holes for the running back. Homer is also good at pulling and being the lead blocker and also getting down field to open up spaces for Christchurch's backs. What's also impressive is that he played around 225 pounds as a sophomore and 245 pounds last season and still dominated from a physical standpoint. One good sign that is always looked for in offensive tackles is whether they like to search out people to hit and go after and Homer is definitely one of those players.
What needs work: First, while it's commendable that Homer is dominating at around 255 pounds in his senior season there is no way at his height he can play that lean in the ACC. He needs to add good weight to his frame - and a lot of it - before he would be prepared to take on some of the conferences' best defensive ends. There also has to be a question about the level of competition he's playing. On film, it looks like there are undersized and not super-athletic defensive linemen that Homer is blocking. That isn't to take away from his dominance - because Homer manhandles pretty much everyone he plays - but just to put into context that these probably aren't Division I-caliber opponents.
How he fits in: Homer's highlight tapes resemble the films of a lot of current Boston College offensive linemen when they were in high school. That's a good thing because there is a long history of successful players at offensive tackle coming out of that school. Homer is also an outstanding student and all-around intelligent person who fell in love with Boston College the first time he visited. There is little chance for Homer to get overwhelmed once he gets to Chestnut Hill since he's a grounded, educated person who is really focused on being the best football player he could be. With some added weight and coaching from offensive line coach Sean Devine there is a good chance for Homer to be a special player down the road.
Bottom line: With Homer, the bottom line is that Boston College fans should be patient for a year or two with him as he develops his body and adds weight. It's highly doubtful - and usually is with offensive linemen - that they can come in as freshmen and contribute lots right away. The schemes are so complicated and technical and their bodies are so undeveloped compared to veterans that it simply takes time. That's fine because Homer should be able to bulk up - his frame should allow it - and that will give him some seasoning as his career continues at BC.
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