November 8, 2007

Cronan: Terps will be a test

R.R. Marshall: Peter, BC saw its dreams of an undefeated season come to an end with a 27-17 loss at the hands of Florida State on Saturday evening. I guess the moral of the story is when you are making a run at a national championship don't try and beat Bobby Bowden at Alumni Stadium?

Peter Cronan: That would certainly seem to be the case. Bobby Bowden doesn't have those 372 career victories for nothing. He is such a great spin doctor, and it was clear to me from some of the sound bytes I heard this week that he was really playing up the underdog role for his team. Even though you could see right through it his kids bought into it big time. Florida State had a chance to regain the attention of the national audience and they came out and executed extremely well. They had absolutely nothing to lose and they came out and threw everything they had at the Eagles, including some fake reverses and halfback option passes.

BC generated a lot of good numbers statistically but turnovers and other mistakes just killed them. Matt Ryan threw three interceptions, and when you combine that with some poor tackling, a missed field goal, failure to get points in the red zone, and eight penalties (five of which I believe occurred in the red zone) it all added up to a 10 point loss for the Eagles. You just have to score points when you're inside the red zone and that's the one area that really compounds the mistakes. The real shame is that BC was so close in spite of the fact that they struggled to get ahead for the course of the evening. They didn't quit, and it was an exciting game with lots of offense but ultimately their mistakes came back to bite them and that proved to be the difference.

RRM: It was a frustrating game to watch because you kept waiting for Florida State to make that one crucial mistake that would turn the tide in favor of the Eagles, but it just never happened?

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