September 21, 2006

Angry captain

The captain is angry. He took a look at the scoreboard after the game and for a moment he was happy but then the yards gained by BYU were flashed and realized it was time to take action. It was time to get personal.

"I take the last game personally. It's on me. I take this very personally. Every day of the week I take it personally. For a defense that is ranked in the top echelon year in and year out and to see us at the bottom is something I take very personally. Our defense is a tradition and we are not living up to it."

Dunbar figured that not only was it something to take personally, but considering he is the captain of the defense, it was something he had to get fixed as soon as possible.

"I was happy we won the game but at the same time I was disappointed in our performance. I tracked down Nick Larkin, Jamie Silva and Tyronne Pruitt and told them I was going to speak to Coach Spaz or Coach McGovern to find out what we could do."

On Sunday, Dunbar walked into McGovern's office and asked him what could be done to sure up the defense, currently ranked last in the nation in passing efficiency.

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