November 4, 2013

LeGrand wraps up senior season

After losing four of their first five games, Dubuque Senior offensive lineman Lucas LeGrand and his teammates surged with three straight victories. Unfortunately for this Iowa Hawkeye commitment, it was not quite enough to push the Rams into the playoffs this year.

"We wished we could have made the postseason but otherwise I'm proud of all of our guys. We are not in too bad of a mood because we came together the last three games and showed who we were."

On the field, LeGrand felt he was able to become a better football player overall as a senior this year.

"I feel I learned a lot about football in general. Last year, we were a winning team and didn't have to worry much about preparation. This year I learned a lot about how to practice. It didn't seem like we practiced as well as we should have early on and it showed those first few games. That was a big stride we made during the year as a team."

Getting back into the weight room is the focus right now for LeGrand, but another sport will have his attention during the winter.

"We have a bunch of lifting in the off-season and basketball is going to start in the next couple of weeks. We have to get ready for that."

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