April 18, 2010

Top in-state prospects meet McCaffery

With an AAU basketball event taking place in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids natives and 2011 prospects Jared Uthoff and Josh Oglesby took time in-between games today to meet the new head coach at the University of Iowa, Fran McCaffery. It was a meeting designed to let both prospects know more about his vision for the future and to let them know he plans to recruit them starting today. Find out what both prospects has to say about their meeting today.

Jared Uthoff

Q: You visited with the Iowa coaches today?

UTHOFF: Yeah, I talked to Coach McCaffery.

Q: How did it go?

UTHOFF: It went really well. I got a feel for what he does and how he runs the basketball team.

Q: What kind of things did he tell you?

UTHOFF: To keep working hard and to get stronger.

Q: Do you know what their level of interest is in you?

UTHOFF: I'm not really sure at this point. I just know that they are going to keep an eye on me.

Q: Are they coming to an open gym or something like that?

UTHOFF: Yeah, on Monday they are.

Q: Is that pretty exciting for you?

UTHOFF: Yeah. I am excited.

Q: Your interest level from schools has picked up a lot in recent weeks, including picking up an offer from Arizona State.

UTHOFF: It is a great opportunity and an awesome school. Things have really picked up for me.

Q: What is your interest level in Iowa?

UTHOFF: It's about 35 minutes from my home. (laugh) It can't be too bad.

Q: Did you grow up an Iowa fan?

UTHOFF: I kind of root for all of the teams in the state. I really don't have a preference.

Q: Do your parents want you to stay close to home?


Q: Getting a scholarship offer from Iowa would be pretty special?

UTHOFF: Yes it would.

Q: How are you going to handle the recruiting process? Are you going to let it play out a little bit?

UTHOFF: Yeah, I am going to see where it takes me.

Josh Oglesby

Q: How did the visit go today with Coach McCaffery?

OGLESBY: It was good. I talked to the head coach for a while and his wife was there. I thought it went pretty well. He just said he was going to recruit the heck out of me and Jared and hopefully he could see us down there. We talked about how he could see me in his system.

Q: No offer yet?


Q: Do you feel like it is close?

OGLESBY: I don't want to say that. He did say that he is going to recruit me. He said he was excited to recruit me and Jared. He wished me luck with all of the recruiting.

Q: Did his wife say anything?

OGLESBY: She was telling some jokes. She was funny. She was about my height too.

Q: Your interest level has picked up in the last month or so. Can you talk about that?

OGLESBY: Yeah it has picked up a lot, especially after Arizona State offered me. Right after they offered me I got about four calls from schools like Arizona and Notre Dame. Head coaches calling me saying they are interested and don't make a decision yet. I am not going to put UNI or any of those schools out of the mix just because high major offers are coming.

Q: Would it be hard to turn down an offer from Iowa?

OGLESBY: It wouldn't be hard. I just want a good relationship with the coaches. It wouldn't be hard, but I have grown up being a Hawkeye. I know a lot of guys that go to Iowa, like Keenan Davis. He is a good friend from high school. It would be fun to play there, but we will see, I guess.

Q: Are you going to let the process play out a bit in the spring and summer and see what is out there?

OGLESBY: Yeah, I am going to go through the whole summer period. My dad and I talked about this a couple of weeks ago and we want to make a decision before next basketball season. I just don't want to go through another basketball season with calls and letters. I want it to be more relaxed.

Q: Is Iowa coming to see you on Monday?

OGLESBY: Yeah, Iowa is coming. Butler, Boston College, and Arizona are also coming. It will be a fun open gym and I am excited.

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