May 3, 2012

Dismissal Remains Mystery

Whether you are one of the fans in the optimistic group of fans or the not so optimistic group of fans, there's no other denying that the news that broke out of Chestnut Hill this week was downright depressing. BC's leading rusher Montel Harris was dismissed from the team as the school announced through a media release. It's quite an empty ending for a BC star that went from almost being the all-time king of ACC running backs just 20 months ago to being dismissed from the school where he holds many record

Nobody is going to mistake me for an ESPN E-60 reporter for sure. My style is a bit old school, and has always been to try and report what is happening on the field as opposed to trying to figure out the reasons behind the latest dismissal of a player. I'm not one that writes much about the drama and you can like me or hate me for that.

That being said, the dismissal of the team's all-time leading rusher is something that can't be ignored. Here are the facts we do know. Harris went from being healthy at the start of spring, to reinjuring his knee and being out for the spring just one practice in. During spring practice, Harris was not to be found at any practices, scrimmages, or media events, or even BC's pro day. Coaches remained silent on a timetable for his return and Spaziani would only say his return was "very-iffy". This week it all came to an end when Harris was dismissed for a "repeated violation of team rules".

Both Spaziani and Harris both have said they aren't going to talk about which rules were broken so no answers are going to come from there. Considering the fact that Harris was kind of a shy and quirky guy and not a media darling probably means nobody is going to dig for that sort of information either, whether that is fair or not. There are two rumors that have been circulating and unfortunately both seem entirely plausible. One is that Harris was upset about the handling of his injury by the staff and thus it explains his noticeable absence in the spring. That rumor while maybe true doesn't provide an explanation of why Harris wouldn't talk about it to the Boston Globe to clear the air. Sure, Harris might agree not to talk about the issue, but why would he agree to not talk about that? Unfortunately, the other rumor is the exact opposite in nature and is to the tune that Harris broke legitimate team and school rules and the team is keeping it quiet out of respect for him. Again, it might make sense for the school not to talk about it so they don't get the label of throwing a star under the bus. If that's the case, the plan didn't work very well.

In the aftermath of Harris' dismissal, BC is getting slammed in the national media. Dr.Saturday of Yahoo was one of the most notable in writing that BC is on the path to being irrelevant. Saturday said near the end of his article:

And if Boston College does have another four-win season, this program could sink into a hole from which it might take years to emerge.

They say any coverage is good coverage but I'm not sure that's the case here.
Is there any good that can come out of this story? Not in the immediate future anyways. We will have to wait until August and see if any of the current BC running backs seize their opportunity to shine. Duece Finch, Tahj Kimble, and Andre Williams, all have a huge golden nugget dangling in front of them. Let's see which one of them can grab it.

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