March 25, 2012

Second Scrimmage Recap: Offense


Chase Rettig started out the scrimmage on fire completing 7 of his first 8 passes. After that the junior quarterback cooled down and finished 12-for-23.

Rettig found success early on connecting with Spiffy Evans and Alex Amidon over the middle, and on out and comeback routes along the sidelines. The short and medium range completions setup a 60 yard touchdown pass to Amidon a little later on. Rettig found Amidon streaking down the left sidelines and hit him with a pass about 30 yards down the field. Amidon broke away from a tackle attempt byJim Noel, and then sprinted the rest of the way for the score.

Later in the scrimmage, Rettig connected on a 35 yard touchdown pass to Evans that came on a fly pattern down the right sideline.

For whatever reason, Rettig didn't have a lot of success after those long touchdown passes. Although the quarterback only threw one interception, there were several balls dropped by defensive backs. In addition, Rettig had two fumbled exchanges with the center which led to turnovers. One of those came at the 1 yard line.

Josh Bordner got most of the run with the second unit, and was a very efficient 8-for-10. Bordner's best pass was his 40 yard touchdown to Donte Elliot, which traveled over 30 yard in the air and was thrown right on the money. Bordner could've had a 50 yard touchdown pass as well, but Karim Zoungrana had a long pass go right through his arms.

Dave Shinskie and Mike Marscovetra got limited snaps in a backup role.

Running Backs

Tahj Kimble, Andre Williams, and Duece Finch all turned in impressive performances in the scrimmage. All three backs ran with authority and each ran with an edge to them that isn't always seen in spring scrimmages.

Kimble finished with over 100 yards on the ground in the scrimmage. Offensive coordinator Doug Martin did a good job getting the ball to Kimble on the outside via pitch plays where Kimble could use his speed and agility in the open field. On the first running play of the scrimmage, Kimble ran the ball off right tackle and burst down the right sidelines for a 30 yard gain. Kimble's right foot brushed the sideline, and if not he would've had a 70 yard touchdown. On the next series, Kimble had a 20+ yard run, which has to be credited to Ian White and Harris Williams who opened the hole for him.

Williams complimented Kimble's speedy runs with some bruising runs in between the tackles. There were a handful of times when Williams picked up a 1st down on 3rd-and-short situations. Williams' touchdown came from 4 yards out, as he ran behind Jake Sinkovec into the end zone.

Speaking of Sinkovec, he turned in a quality performance at fullback and even caught a pass out of the backfield.

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends

Amidon and Evans turned in quality performances for the first unit. Both receivers registered an explosive play and both had a couple of first down conversions on third down. Evans seems to be a half a step quicker than last year, which could make him valuable once the season starts.

Tight end Chris Pantale had two receptions in the scrimmage, one which went for 44 yard. Rettig saw Pantale running a seam pattern down the middle and threw a pass which was deflected by Nick Clancy. Pantale reached behind him and grabbed the tip pass and streaked down the field for a huge gain.

On the second unit, Joe LaCorte had 6 receptions.

Brian Miller continued to find success in the middle of the field. In the later stages of the scrimmage, Miller did a nice job of settling in the soft spot of the zone, and Bordner hit him for a 25 yard gain. It was a veteran like move by Miller.

Offensive Line

With the bubble still over the field, the audience was forced to watch from field level on the sidelines. That means it was a little more difficult than usual to judge the performance of the offensive line.

The first string offensive line was as follows:

LT- Cleary
LG- Vardaro
C- White
RG- Williams
RT- Wetzel

Overall the line did a good job, which should almost be expected with so many injuries on the defensive line. White, Williams, and Wetzel all opened a number of big holes on the right side of the line.

The first string offensive line was as follows:

LT- Lembke
LG- Kramer
C- Davis
RG- Williams
RT- Betancourt

The second string offensive line was able to spring the backs lose for a couple of 10-15 yard runs, which is fairly uncommon in a spring practice. Although you have to give the unit credit for getting the job done you have to wonder how much of the success was driven by a depleted second unit defense.

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