March 8, 2012

Season Comes to an End

Turning Point

You could argue that the game was over in the opening minutes of the game when the Eagles went down 14-0. The team was unable to score until there was 12:35 left in the half, when Matt Humphrey mercifully got them on the board.

"I was obviously disappointed with out start," explained Donahue. "When you get off to a start like we did its unfortunate. I was pretty proud of them for a long stretch of the game when we were outscoring them and cutting it to 8 and 9."

The part that Donahue was proud of was his team going on a 24-18 run to claw back into the game. Lonnie Jackson hit two treys during that stretch, and Patrick Heckmann buried a three and got fouled to turn it into a 4 point play.

Down 8, the Eagles had the ball with the shot clock off and at worst, looked to be headed into the half down single digits. Point guard Jordan Daniels was just dribbling the ball near half-court, just trying to run the clock down for the last shot. NC State's Lorenzo Brown came up to play tight defense on Daniels. Feeling the pressure, Daniels tried a spin move to get around Brown, only to get it stolen and taken the other way for a layup. Down 10, BC had another chance to get the last shot off. This time, Daniels drove the lane and made a bad kick-out pass that got stolen. The Wolfpack took it the other way and nailed a three to end the half, up 37-24.

"We made a good push late in the 1st half. Turnovers are always going to hurt a team," said Ryan Anderson. "It's always good for a team to go into the half with momentum when they are trailing. We were on that track but they took the momentum back late with those two plays."

What Went Right

When you lose by almost 20 points it's tough to say much went right. However, you have to give BC credit for continuously fighting back in this game.

What Went Wrong

The start of the game was particularly horrendous. It was clear that Donahue wanted the team to run some false motion offense---meaning he wanted the team to burn the shot clock until there was about 15-20 seconds left and then try to make a play. The point of the offense is to limit mistakes and shorten the game against a team like NC State which likes to run. The game plan made perfect sense. Unfortunately the team didn't execute it well at all, often turning the ball over before a shot was even attempted.

Three Stars of the Game

1. Ryan Anderson- More than any other player, Anderson is giving BC fans hope for the future. Anderson finished with 22 points and 12 rebounds to cap off a stellar freshman season. Did you realize over the last 8 games of the year, Anderson averaged 16.2 points per game?

2. Lonnie Jackson- Jackson was a big key in getting the Eagles back in the game in the 1st half.

3. Dennis Clifford- Clifford wins this spot by default.

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