July 28, 2011

Holloway: New Leader

When the Boston College players organize workouts during the summer there are many different tasks to get accomplished. One product to come out of the workouts that the team hopes gets accomplished is that new leaders emerge. On the defensive line, Max Holloway---who currently is rocking his best James Harden beard impersonation--- has emerged as a leader for the defensive ends.

"I didn't think the leadership role would be natural but it has been so far. I look around and can see I've been here the longest so I need to make the decisions," said Holloway.
"I'm excited about being one of the older guys and for the first time a full time starter."

The workouts start with individual position work, where Holloway takes the defensive ends while teammate Kaleb Ramsey leads the defensive tackles. The outside work lasts about 45 minutes to an hour, and then the players go in and lift for an hour with Coach Loco, who Holloway says has been harping about power and quickness all summer. During the individual workouts, special attention is paid to the true freshmen, who are brand new to the team.

"We teach them from the bottom up. First we go over their stance. A lot of the freshmen don't have a good stance. Then we teach them about their first step, where they shoot their hands, and a few plays here and there. We don't get too in depth with plays because we leave that to the coaches, but we teach the basic stuff. It's a lot more mental stuff than the physical stuff the other guys do in 7 on 7," said Holloway.

In the gym, Holloway says the team has been working a lot with the Prowlers. One defensive end even joked to Holloway that he wanted to burn the Prowlers because they are so tough. In any event, the Prowlers have helped improved the strength of each player.

So far, Holloway likes the worth ethic displayed by the three defensive ends he works with.

"Brian Mihalik just destroyed a bag. I was shocked with the power he had. It's impressive especially since he's a legit 6'8". I like what I've seen early with Brian, Mehdi Abdesmad and Connor Wujciak too," said Holloway.

While emerging as a leader and mentoring the freshmen is important, Holloway also has to make sure that he's working on his own game as well. This will be the first season that he is penciled in to be a starter to start the year. Holloway got a taste of what it's like to be the starter at the end of last season, when Alex Albright went down with an injury.

"I always knew that I'd be ready if the time came. Albright was a great player and it was too bad he got hurt last year. I learned a lot from him. When he went down I tried my hardest to pick up where he left off. It motivated me watching him on the sidelines because I was thinking about the plays that he would've made that I missed. He might not think he motivated me, but he did," said Holloway

One of Holloway's goals for the summer has been to bulk up and stay bulked up. Holloway has set all personal records for himself in the weight room, and is now weighing in at 255. The defensive end would like to get up to 260 at the start of camp.

"Last year I came into camp at 260, and at the end of the season I was down to 245. I'll probably go into camp this year at 260 and I don't want to get lower than 255, no lower than 250," said Holloway.

Holloway says that a less strenuous fall class schedule will help him with that.

"Last year I had a difficult fall class schedule. Now that I'll be graduating after the season I just have 4 night classes this fall, so I'll have nothing in the morning. I'll be able to eat a lot more instead of before when I'd have to rush a meal in. Then I'll be able to lift a little extra on my own. I'm hoping it will work," said Holloway.

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